Thursday, June 30, 2005

Someday I'll fly away

My parents recently bought a house in the Midwest. This news astonished me (and I think Franklin as well). The midwest? All that RED land? And this property isn't connected to some hip, city oasis. It's across from a corn field. With my mother's penchant for moving, the move itself isn't a surprise, but the last time we heard a "we're moving" announcement, it was so they could move to Pennsylvania to help out my granny. Then they moved to D.C. because a good job opportunity beckoned. Going home or going to a major metropolis I can understand. Moving to a corn field took more time to digest (even though I really love corn).

The thing that makes this property special is that aside from the corn field, it is right along the edge of a grass airstrip. My Pop flies airplanes (those cute little two or four seaters that buzz around here and there, only occasionally making national headlines when someone decides to bounce one off a building or accidentally fly in restricted air space). Dad's buddy lives in the area and already owns a plane. Once my folks make the move, they'll pop up a hanger and purchase a flying machine.

A vew of the airstrip from Jim's plane

So lately I've taken to thinking that Mom and Pop are moving to a secret getaway that they'll be able to zip in and out of with ease, and that's not like being trapped in the midwest at all.

Of course, I haven't flown with dad since I was 8 and upchucked all the way to Molokai (Franklin was an admirable companion in all of that trauma). Guess I'll have to give the whole flying thing another go...

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Franklin said...

I think you're right - one of the attractions must be the central, travel-friendly location. It sure ain't the nightlife.

Although, when was the last time they went and hung out at a club?

Unless they're not telling us something.