Monday, November 21, 2005

Still Here...still waiting

I have not yet heard whether I passed my paper or not. I am hoping to hear by Wednesday, but who knows.

Not much to report except:

1) Still knitting, but just barely (I'm STILL working on the hat for my niece.)
2) Almost half-way through parent-teacher conferences (I'm on a break). So far so good, but I'll be here until 8:30 tonight. Yipes. I got here at 6:40 this morning.
3) Looking for my house--it has gone missing under an inexplicable amount of clutter.
4) Not traveling. I have enjoyed Thanksgiving with Franklin in Chicago the past two years, and am sad not to be going this year. But maybe I need some time at home.
5) Bought yarn yesterday. That was cheery. Wool for mittens for Phil...I hope. Gotta figure out how to make mittens.
6) Holy Heck! I should have already posted to celebrate Maine's victory in the equal rights department. The referendum to overturn the equal rights law (with the newly added sexual orientation bit) failed! We finally got something right up here. We've still got our share of morons (some counties didn't vote the way I'd have liked) but enough folks did, and that's what counts in the end. The referendum failed with a 55% no to 45% yes divide. Went to a party on Saturday to celebrate, and whooped it up with a little Merengue dancing.
7) Have started listening to Christmas music. I used to have this rule-- no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Then I realized that was a stupid self-imposed rule. What was the penalty? Nothing. If Barbara S. wants to wish me Christmas cheer, as does Ella F., I see no reason to deny them that right.

That's it. Life goes on, just not wildly (except for the Merengue bit, I suppose).

More, maybe?

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obscure said...

I was again proud to be from Maine--I was really concerned about the vote.

Allergic as I am to Christmas music, Ella can wish me a Merry any time.

Those of us who can't spend the day with Franklin can take a nice walk in the woods. Have a loverly holiday!