Monday, January 02, 2006


My good friend Maureen finally had her baby, Maggie, on Dec. 29. When I got the call that evening, it kicked me into knitting overdrive. I suddenly decided I HAD to finish the baby blanket before I could go see Maureen in the hospital, and I told her I'd come in the next day. I had made good progress, but I still had a ways to go (8 inches or so), so I convinced the family that we needed to watch a movie--I seem to knit the most when I do it while watching movies--and I really got somewhere. By the following morning, I had 22 rows to go. If I was really cooking, it took me 7 minutes to do a row (dad timed me). When you add in the time it took to start a new row (which involved much flipping and reorganizing of yarn) and the time it took to eat refreshing bits of chocolate, well, I still had a ways to go. So all morning on Dec. 30th I knit. At a little after 1 PM, I finished!

Before dashing in to the hospital, I had to make one pit stop: my very LYS. I couldn't give the blanket away without showing Heather, the owner, as it was yarn from her store and my first big project. She was quite supportive and oohed and aaahed appropriately. (She probably also thinks I am totally nuts, but that's ok, she's right).

Maureen was most pleased with the blanket (as were her mother and mother-in-law who know the value of handknit items). The colors are great and will match the baby's room perfectly. Here it is, all done and ready to go.

I didn't have a baby to try it with before I took it to the hospital, so my trusty model Racoona volunteered.

I'd like to pay a quick tribute to the movies that helped me finish, and I guess I need to give a special nod to Jimmy Stewart because he was in two of them:

Calendar Girls
Harry Potter (#2)
Miracle on 34th Street (the newest version)
It's a Wonderful Life
Ocean's Eleven
The Incredibles
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Thank you, Hollywood.

Now I'm going to knit a hat for Phil. He has been ever so patient, and I appreciate that.


Rabbitch said...

That's lovely! Congrats.

Judith in NYC said...

Congratulations!!! Very pretty. I may copy your idea of changing colors instead of doing it all the same.

=Tamar said...

Speed knitter! Interesting how the change from knit-side to purl-side makes the same color look different. Beautiful work, and it's obviously just the right size.

Franklin said...

I absolutely love it. Your adaptation gave it a real kick and made it something that is really yours, from you, which could not have some from anyone else.

And I agree with Tamar - it's fascinating that the changes in stitch give the appearance of color changes.

I hope mother and baby are both doing well (and father, too) and I'm so glad they appreciated your fine work.

Cheryl said...

I loved that your dad timed you...that is so much like my dad too!!! lol!!
The blanket looks great... I will change colors the next time I do makes it so much more interesting!!!

Yvonne said...

It's just a change in stitch and NOT a change in color?? Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous, and amazing now that I know that little fact. where did you get the pattern? is it your own pattern?? Is it a pattern we can get our hands on???
(Again, great job.)

Latoya said...

I like the flow of the colors of the blanket. I'm sure that the baby will be nice and comfy.

dragon knitter said...

absolutely gorgeous. what a lucky baby! (want to adopt me? lol)

Carol said...

Beautiful blanket! I found you thru your wonderful bro Franklin. Congrats.